Isfahan, half of the world

Isfahan, half of the world

Isfahan, half of the world
Date : 11/16/2018 11:45:35 AM

I recommend tourist around the world put Isfahan, this Iranian pearl, on the list of their travel destinations. And to Isfahan, I would like to say , "You are beautiful and will always remain beautiful in my heart".

The name of "Isfahan" is an integral and invisible part of Iran throughout the world. In the course of history, Isfahan has been the center of civilization, culture, and economy of Iran, and with "Sialk Mountain" which dates back to 5500 BC 6000 BC, it keeps abreast of the oldest civilizations in the world.
Isfahan has also been one of the greatest economic centers of Iran, for which the proof is the hosting of "Silk Road".
The primary core of Isfahan was formed in 6th century BC (pre Islamic period), when it was a recruiting center for army (Sepah) especially during the Sassanid era, (224-651 CE) and so it was called Sepahan, Ispahan, and Isfahan.
Isfahan city started its developing trend since it was adopted as the capital during the Seljuk dynasty in the 10th century. 
It was so progressed and expanded during the time of the Safavids in 16th century that soon turned into one of the most important cities of that time; called "Nesf-e-Jahan" (half of the world).

Isfahan Today

Covering an era of 107,017 sq. km and a population of 5.12 million, the province of Isfahan is located in the center of Iran.
Today, Isfahan province is regarded as one of the major centers contributing to the macro-economy of the country, since it accounts for 7.1 percent of Iran's GDP.

Isfahan tourism on track to development, diversity.

Iranians are known around the world for their hospitality, and each year Isfahan hosts a very large number of tourist from around the world, with a yearning to see Iranian arts and culture first-hand. 
In fact, Isfahan can be likened to a display window of handpicked Iranian arts and industries.
Isfahan is a province which is home to industries, both light and heavy, workshops where delicate works of art are produced, ancient items dating back to different eras throughout history, and last but not least, people of different ethnic and religious background who live side by side peacefully.
Foreign tourists who visit Iran like to have a longer stray in Isfahan than other Iranian cities; as a result of such an interest, a heavier responsibility falls on provincial officials, including those who handle municipal, political and economic affairs, to do more to be able to meet the expectations and appeal to the tastes of tourists, both local and foreign.
Tourism and its sustainable development should be a top priority, not only for Isfahan officials, but for all state officials because tourism is a reliable source of income in many countries and closer attention to tourism by economic and cultural players can serve as a means to help lift the country out of recession.
With an in-depth understanding of this important responsibility, Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, organized several strategic meetings, conferences and seminars and hosted several economic and trade delegations from different countries last year.
in meetings with foreign trade delegations, in addition to trade and economic issues, expansion of ties in the field of tourism was discussed and a number of memorandums of understanding were signed.